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Making people love your story is the very heart and soul of creating a strong brand identity -

so tell them a story they'll never forget.

"Made In America." "The American Dream." "Handcrafted with Pride."

What do these phrases mean? What is the mythical dream that the world over recognizes

as being distinctly American?


We believe it's the essence of honest, authentic, what-you-see-is-what-you-get worksmanship that has defined American craftsmanship for generations. Real people, doing real work, and creating real experiences. When you tell straight-shootin', no-nonsense story about commitment, integrity, and care, you're talking about the essence of the Better Life.


We believe that telling real stories to your audiences is the most effective way of reaching

them in today's mile-a-minute world. They are experts in cutting through jingles and

ignoring sales-speak. But if you tell them a story that's real, one that they can relate to,

they will listen.


Mike Thorn, Creative Director

Good brands are built around people. This is also the foundation for great storytelling. I believe that everyone has a story to tell.


My love of metaphors comes from the way we can use light, sound, and emotion to communicate very specific ideas - even thoughts that we might not be able to articulate.


Since 2007 I've had the pleasure of performing in key technical roles on feature films, national brand spots, local advertisments, and documentary projects, for diverse Fortune 500 brands such as Goodyear Tire and Rubber, Timken Company, Masco Corporation, and Nokia, as well as national brands such as Goodwill Industries, Hoover Company, Vitamix, Republic Storage Systems, Seaman Corp and others.


My passion for storytelling lead to the founding of Metaphor Creative to pursue cinematic storytelling on my own terms. 2014  was a big year, as the Kegg Pipe Organ Builders Brand Video won an ADDY Award and several videos featuring my editorial work at Todd Biss Photography also won ADDY Awards.

Jamie Jansen Photography

2014 Akron ADDY

Award Winner!



Marissa Dubina, Realm of the Reptile

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